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Princeless is a 3D sidescroller that takes place in a "cyberpunk meets Mario" world, where you take control of a Princess trying to escape her castle before her arranged marriage can take place.  To do this, she must sneak her way past the castle's guards and security cameras,  and make sure she is not spotted on her way out to freedom. 


Princeless is a stealth game, where the gameplay revolves around smartly navigating the levels, hiding behind furniture and ducking under tables to avoid detection, while at the same time solving simple puzzles and looking for keycards required to progress. What makes sneaking through the castle as this Princess unique, is that she has the power to hack and control certain enemies throughout the game. The player will have to use this ability wisely in order to make it from the princess' bedroom to the exit door.

With its colorful low-poly style,  quirky sense of humor, and rewarding gameplay, Princeless is sure to give you a memorable experience that you will want to re-visit soon!


Princeless is a student project by first year students at Nord University in Norway, under the name "Shady Productions".  The theme for the semestar was tribute,  where we had to choose a game that was older than the oldest person on our team and come up with a game idea from there. Princeless is best enjoyed with a controller, and is targeted at young teens and up, though players of all ages can play!

The team consists of

Kine Rammen Olsen Team Lead

Daníel Ólafsson Lead Programmer

Iris Martinsen Lead Artist

Lars Ivar Ramberg Programmer

Teresa Gonzalez Johnsen Programmer

Solveig Jotun Losnegard Artist

Install instructions

Unzip and run Princeless.exe


Princeless.zip 164 MB


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This game was alot of fun good job on it

best game eu